Sunday, July 18, 2010

Google should profit from Antennagate

So while Steve Jobs promises customers free cases for the iPhone 4 to help with dropped call problems, the true winners are the compeition. During the “summer of the smart-phone” as competition is heating up between Android and iOS4 for the future market share of this fast growing industry, Apple just blinked.

Whether or not the iPhone 4’s problems are a bad design or a few bad phone’s, the competitors sense blood in the water. Nokia, Rim and even Google have issued very clear statements. They are all quick to point out how they do not have the problem of dropped call based on how the customer holds their phone. [Gizmodo,Endgadget,Crackberry]

But for those companies this isn’t about the technology or dropped calls. This is about the biggest high-end smart phone manufacturer showing it’s first sign of weakness. In marketing, perception is reality and a company that appears to have a problem with their number one product is fair game.

With Android phone’s being released at the rate of two or more per week, consumers have never had a year like 2010 for high quality smart phone options. For all of these companies hoping to unseat Apple as the current reigning king of the mountain, any publicity is good publicity, as long as Apple is getting some bad publicity.

The best thing they could hope for is Apple to attempt to sweep the entire issue under the rug. Which is exactly what it sounds like Apple is trying to do. Rather than coming out with hat in hand, an apology, and an open discussion about what the problem with the iPhone 4 might be, Jobs offers a free case to cover up the issue. And he did it with obviously clinched teeth, angry that he was forced to admit his legacy might not be perfect.

Apple is bleeding over the iPhone 4 antenna issues. It may be a small wound, but in an ocean with nothing but sharks that may be all that is needed.

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